The holistic approach to women

Lefery Cosmetics is the unique brand among cosmetics companies. The holistic approach to women is at the core of this business. Women's health and beauty create an integrated whole, in which each of its components are equally important.

The team of Lefery Cosmetics primarily consist of experienced specialists. They know everything about the functioning and structure of skin. With this multi-faceted knowledge and using modern technologies in the field of cosmetology, Lefery Cosmetics products are so effective in the fight against the passage of time. Moreover, the brand is the leader for many years in the skin care field.

The natural skin care is our philosophy, but in the modern edition. All of our products are made from certified, ecological and high-quality technological improved cosmetic substrates, which guarantee youth and firmness. Lefery Cosmetics is not only traditional creams and anti-wrinkle products, but modern rejuvenation strategy, which works better than botox!

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Lefery Cosmetics offers ultra-regenerating
anti-wrinkle cream:

Active Cell Regeneration Lefery Cosmetics

anti-wrinkle cream for everyday use

The secret of effectiveness of Active Cell Regeneration Lefery Cosmetis for day use, is based on its composition. It's the compilation which contains, on the one hand – repairing compositions, and on the other hand – regenerating compositions.

Using Active Cell Regeneration Lefery Cosmetis for Day results in:

  • intensive recovery of all parts of the skin,
  • visible delay of skin aging process,
  • clearly correcting both fine lines and wrinkles, as well as the shadows under the eyes and swelling,
  • restoring the natural skin glow and healthy appearance,
  • strengthening the natural protective layer in the all cells of the skin,
  • accelerating of the tissue regeneration proces

Collagen micro particles in Active Cell Regeneration Lefery for Day stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen. Fibroblasts possess binding and water retain features in the deepest parts of the human skin. Thus mature skin is supple, smooth and more resistant to external factors and inducting irritations.

Lefery Active Cell Regeneration for Day was subjected to numerous dermatological tests before selling. However, it was not tested on animals.

How to use Lefery Active Cell Regeneration for Day?

It should be applied every morning on clean and sebum free face, neck and neckline. To be 100% effective, the cream should be evenly distributed on the skin and gently pat with fingertips. Lefery Active Cell Regeneration for Day can also provide an excellent base for everyday make-up.

The cream should be applied for minimum length of 4 weeks. However, manufacturers point out clearly that the spectacular effects of Lefery Active Cell Regeneration for Day are reached after 3 – month complex treatment, which includes the application of the cream for day and night.

INGREDIENTS of Lefery Active Cell Regeneration for Day cream

Lefery Cosmetics creams contain ecological, natural cosmetics substances only, which not only rejuvenate, but also regenerate the skin. Particles of active ingredients have been reduced by modern techniques to several micrometers, which makes their permeability 200 times more than in normal skin creams.



naturally stimulates the skin cells to renew elongated cells



shallow emerging with time wrinkles

Hyaluronic acid


this polysaccharide, which amount with time is significantly reduced in the body, and its task is, among others, water retention in the body to fight against free radicals



the main protein of connective tissue in the body. LEFERY Active Cell Regeneration for Day restores the balance between the loss and the production of new collagen fibers;



this oil fights against free radicals and improves blood flow in blood vessels - mainly applies to dry and mature skin.

Customer Reviews

" From the first time I used the cream Lefery, I always have it with me. It smells really nice and its texture is very fine. When it comes to absorption – also without complain – is immediate. I've been using this cream for day and night for 2 weeks now and I can already see the first results – my skin become more radiant and visibly rejuvenated. You have to try it also!"

Carrol, 45 years old from Connectuit

I have mixed skin - my forehead, chin and nose become very superfat, while the cheeks are prone to drying. After using countless creams, I slowly lost hope to find something suitable for me. At the beginning, my approach to Lefery was with the large distance. I wasn't expected too much from it. After a few weeks of applying, I was really pleasantly surprised. The cream is ideal for mixed skin. Absorption is excellent. What's more - it is really effective as an anti-wrinkle cream. First impression is that my face is more strained, and the amount of wrinkles visibly reduced. My skin is actually smoother and better nourished. If you have trouble finding the right cream for your skin type – give a chance to Lefery cream, and certainly you won't be disappointed.

Alice, 34 years old from Arizona

I've been using anti-wrinkle Lefery cream for some time now and I am really happy. Wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, and on the forehead was visibly reduced and the skin become glow. The only downside might be the price of these creams, but I think the results are really worth it. I recommend these creams for everyone who are struggling with the passing of time.

Emily, 41 years old from California

I would like to tell you about my latest discovery. A few weeks ago I bought a cream Lefery and I must admit, that I am charmed by it. This product works on the 2 levels: the first is regenerating the skin and the second is anti-wrinkle effect. The skin is visibly smoother and firmer. For real - Lefery cream is the only one of a kind. I would recommend it.

Madison, 52 years old from Kansas


You can buy genuine and one of a kind Active Cell Regeneration Lefery Cosmetics online, on the pages authorized by the official distributor. You should avoid buying a cream from websites, which does not specify the exact composition of Lefery Cosmetics products or or not give accurate, real references for creams from Lefery Active Cell Regeneration for Day series.

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